A dedicated Dialysis unit under specilaized care - A Team Approach

Sunshine Global Hospital, Manjalpur has been serving the needs of critical patients for last 6 years; with more than 500 dialysis cases per month. We have now upgraded and brought in advancement in our dialysis suite, with 7 state of art Dialysis machine and Round the clock support of Doctors, Specialized Nurses and paramedic staff.


Medications being an integral part of therapy, the statutory regulations for scheduled drugs, quality, storage and administration are considered vital parameters for treatment. The mission of the pharmacy is to provide medications, other health care products, relevant information, professional services and to help people and society to make the best use of them. Every activity in the pharmacy is done with certain system and confidence, in order to give right touch of professionalism and care. We are best in delivering medicines, services and care of the patient.

The hospital has  full-fledged pharmacy manned by licensed Pharmacists,  which operate round the clock. Medicines are procured from standard companies and follow stringent quality control measures. It allows the patient to procure their medicines in the hospital premises itself, thus avoiding the need to hunt for these in the city at odd hours.

Approved medicines are supplied to patients as per the Doctor Prescription only

Emergency department has a team of physicians and surgeons available round the clock to provide integrated emergent care to patients with various emergencies supported by an infrastructure of laboratories, CT Scanners, X-Ray Facilities, Pharmacy Stores, Operation Theatres, ICU Beds.

We provide 24-hour emergency services in trauma care, observational medicine, pre-hospital emergency care, disaster medicine, and all other trauma cases

Our team provides medical expertise for emergencies which are sudden, urgent or unexpected occurrences that require immediate medical attention ; aiming more rapid throughput of patients, doing triage, diagnosis & quicker treatment
Duty doctors are available round the clock to assist you and for providing further guidance.

For providing ambulance services/Mobile ICU for pick up and transport to the hospital,  please contact  our hospital

Our State of the Art Cardiac Centre provides holistic services with team of  Cardiologist, cath lab and non-invasive lab technicians having wide experience in the management of all the complex, cardiac problems. The latest techniques in the field of pacing and coronary angioplasties are being routinely performed at the hospital.

The centre has 24 x 7 Availability of Interventional Cardiologists & Critical Care Specialists


  • High-tech Siemens Flat Panel Cath Lab
  • Rotational Angiography (Angiography in 7 Seconds)
  • Clear Stent Technology
  • Large Screen Display (56’’ inch Screen for clear visibility)
  • Road Mapping System with DSA (Useful in Peripheral & Neuro-Interventions)
  • State of the Art Cardiac Surgery Setup with Modular Operation Theatre and Laminar Air flow
  • Coronary Care ICU

State-of-the-art Ambulances at our hospital are equipped to handle most complex emergencies and are available to our patients 24 hrs of the day and night. These ambulances carry as standard equipment, a ventilator, a Defibrillator, Oxygen and all the other life saving drugs. Staff manning these ambulances are well trained in BLS and ACLS managing emergencies in their respective fields.

To ensure that we meet different needs ranging from fracture to cardiac emergencies, we have following ambulance services:

  • Cardiac Ambulance / ICU on Wheels
  • Trauma Ambulance

Our fully equipped ambulances available for transporting patients to and from the hospital.



The Reception area of hospital is staffed with friendly and caring executives; who guide through every phase

Every patient who wishes to avail of the various services in Sunshine Global Hospital has to get registered. This is a one-time event which gives you a permanent UHID number. The patient needs to pay for appointments and all other services prior to availing the same.

Outpatient departments are functional between 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday for all Specialty and Superspecialty Consultations (As per the OPD Schedule)

You could contact our front desk at telephone number: 0265 3938300 / 301 for any assistance regarding our services and appointments.

We assure 100% confidentiality, efficiency and care for every precious call you make to our hospital.


Our 18 bedded fully equipped ICU with each bed having advanced invasive and non-invasive monitoring with a eight bedded HDU (high dependency unit) attached to ICU. The ICU has the facility of central monitoring situated at nurses work station.

The ICU is equipped with advanced ventilators (GE, Espirit ) to ventilate critically ill patients, Defibrillators, Central Oxygen supply, central suction, resuscitation equipments, motorized multiposition beds, air mattresses (to prevent bed sores in bed ridden patients), bedside echocardiography and life saving and emergency drugs.

Video conferencing facilities
Tablets are equipped with good quality video camera and microphone. By that means doctor can
‘Video call’ the ICU at any time and can see the patient, can visualize clinical sign and clinical status of the patient and at the same time can instruct the medical officer to take the needful steps.
Relative’s counselling can be done via video calling facilities.
It virtually minimizes the physical distances.
Multiple distant ICUs can be connected Via these telemedicine facilities and expert opinion, superspeciality medical care can be delivered to the door steps of rural India at very affordable cost.
Quality of care is significantly increased and patient outcome improves greatly.
Expert opinion of the external doctor can be obtained at any time; can take advice of any expert doctor by the means of telecommunication AROUND the WORLD.

The ICU is looked after by a qualified and dedicated team of anesthesiologists and intensivists who provide round the clock care to the patients with a human touch. Team of specialists support includes cardiologists, nephrologists, urologist, neurologist and neurosurgeon present on call, should the need arise. Top class nursing care is provided by a team of well qualified and trained nurses and other paramedical staff.

Our operation theatres (OT) are designed scientifically to ensure sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization.

  • Well-equipped, ultra-modern operation theatres with ICU and HDU (High Dependency Unit) back up.
  • Operation theatres equipped with highly sophisticated equipments like anesthesia workstations, multi-parameter monitor, laparoscopes, defibrillator, C-arm, LED LIGHTS & important life saving devices to carry out all types of complicated surgeries, Operating Microscope for spine & Neurosurgery operations.
  • Our Modular OT Promotes high standard of asepsis.ensuring maximum standard of safety.
    It ensures functional separation of spaces through Zoning and has all its Cavity and joints filled with epoxy to make an seamless OT.
    It Is painted with anti - bacterial & fungal paint minimizing infections

We offer 24-hours Radiology Services with the study and application of imaging technology like x-ray and CT Scan for diagnosing and treating disease. Imaging plays a vital role in determining the accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent planning of treatment. The clarity and intricacy of the images by our machines help doctors plan every aspect of surgery or medicine.


  • X-ray
  • Portable X-ray
  • Multi Slice CT Scan / CT with contrast, 3D Construction
  • CT guided intervention procedures
  • USG
  • Anomaly Scan
  • Colour Doppler
  • Barium Procedures
  • Sinogram
  • Fistulogram
  • 2D Echo


Sunshine Global Hospital is supported by very well equipped, inhouse lab where tests are done on clinical specimens n order to get information about the health of a patient information about thehealth of a patient as pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

  • Our lab performs Hematology including coagulation study, Bio-chemistry, clinical pathology and microbiology.

In addition to the routine tests facilities are available for the measurement of arterial blood gas analysis, eletrolyte, certain hormonal & tumor markers.

  • Lab has facilities for sending all special tests to accredited reference laboratories with standard protocols.

  • Lab provides services for 24 hrs.

  • Lab is equipped with most of the fully automated instruments with modern technologies which ensure accuracy and dependability of the investigations done.

  • Lab has well trained phlebotomists and microbiologist.

  • Web based software is available for sample & report generation etc.

  • Lab has quality assurance programme that follow quality control measures and are participants in internal and external quality assurance programme.

Our inhouse cafeteria "Aarogyam - The Cafe" serves hygeinic food to patient relatives, visitors and guests

The hospital offers a cafeteria serving multicuisine meals. Visitors are welcome to dine in the hospital’s cafeteria, located in Basement. Featured are hot meals, soups, salads  grill to order items, snack items and hot and cold beverages.

The cafeteria has a special "Live Counter" serving instant items; as per the choice

The hours are:

  • Breakfast: 7:00 – 10:30 am
  • Lunch: 11 am – 2:00 pm  
  • Dinner: 4:30 – 6:30 pm

Sunshine Global Hospital offers facility for specialized services . It has a multi disciplinary approach for patient care where in team of doctors from different specilalty are involved.

Services like Foot and Ankle School, Beck School, Neck School, Piles Clinic etc are offered for patients

The Auditorium is centrally Air-Conditioned and equipped with 100 seats. The Audiovisual system makes it an eminent place for meetings / trainings / CME and other learning activities.

It is well-equipped with the modern audio-visual facilities including the live video presentations. It is frequently used for Medical seminars and presentations.