Patient Guide

We at the Sunshine Global Hospital are committed to ensure care that is accessible, safe, effective, efficient, timely and appropriate. We strive to meet the needs and expectations of our patients, their families and others whom we serve. We consider that quality and safe care are our top priority and therefore we strive to eliminate unsafe practice by:

  • Conforming with safety regulations & legislations
  • Credentialed & Privileged healthcare professional
  • Ongoing quality improvement training programme that empowers our staff, patients & their family
  • Involving patients & their families in decision making about their treatment in order to achieve care that is acceptable to our culture, with affordable cost, without compromising the quality of service we provide

Patient Rights :

  • Right to information in an understandable language, education about the patients healthcare needs and expected cost of treatment.
  • Right to personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
  • Right to protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  • Right to refusal of treatment.
  • Right to informed consent before any procedure / surgery / treatment.
  • Right to information on safe and effective use of medication and the potential side effects of the medication.
  • Right to confidentiality of patient information.
  • Right to be informed about the plan of care
  • Right to information on infection, specific diseases process, complication and prevention strategies.
  • Right to information on diet and nutrition and food drug interaction.
  • Right to access clinical records.
  • Right to express complain or grievances and to get them redressed.

Patient Responsibilities :

  • To provide correct and truthful medical history and personal details of the patient.
  • To communicate to the doctor when not able to understand treatment given or considering alternative therapy.
  • To abide by all hospital rules and regulations.
  • To inform the authorities if the patient’s condition worsens or does not follow expected course.
  • To pay for services in a timely manner as per hospital policies.
  • To follow the prescribed treatment plan.
  • To accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure safe and secure stay in hospital.
  • To accept the measures taken by hospital to ensure privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
  • To attend follow up appointments as requested.
  • To refrain from spitting, chewing gum / Gutka / pan, smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • To avoid speaking loudly and respect silence zones.
  • To conserve energy, water and be Eco friendly.