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Master Health Plan

Master Health Plan

Master Health Plan

All-encompassing health package offering comprehensive check-ups and screenings.

Rs. 4,500/-

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General Procedure

  • Chest X-ray

  • PFT

  • USG Abdomen With Pelvis

Liver Profile

  • Bilirubin

  • SGPT

  • SGOT

  • Protein

  • Albumin

  • Globulim

  • Albumin / Globulim Ratio

  • Alkaline Phosphates

General Investigation

  • Complete Blood Count With ESR

  • Blood Group With Rh Factor

  • TSH

  • PAP Smear (Female) / PSA (Male)

  • Urine Routine Examination

  • Stool Routine Examination


  • Physician

  • Non Invastive Cardiologist

  • Gynecologist

  • Orthopedic

  • General Surgeon

  • Ophthalmologist

  • ENT

  • Dietician

  • Dentist

  • Physiotherapist

Kidney Profile

  • Creatinine

  • Urea

  • Uric Acid

Diabetic Evaluation

  • Fasting Blood Glucose

  • Post Prandial Blood Glucose

Cardiac Risk Evaluation

  • ECG

  • Stress Test / Tread Mill Test

Lipid Profile

  • Cholesterol

  • HDL Cholesterol

  • LDL Cholesterol

  • VLDL Cholesterol

  • Triglycerides

Package Description

Dr. Maya Sharma, an esteemed cardiologist with a rich educational background and extensive experience in cardiovascular medicine, stands as a beacon of expertise and compassionate care. Her qualifications include an MBBS from Sunshine Medical College, followed by an MD in Cardiology from Royal Heart Institute, recognized for its pioneering research in heart health.


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