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Basic Health Checkup Camp and BLS Session at Abhva Gam on 26th May 2024

26 May 2024, Sunshine Global Hospital, Surat  Successfuly conducted Free Health Checkup  camp and BLS Session at Abhva Gam, where more than 200 beneficiaries attended the event and took benefit of the services. The Hospital also arranged booth for providing Free “Friends of Hospital” cards which offers various benefits, discounts and privileges to the Card Holder.

The event included Health Check up camp in which basic investigation were done like Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, E.C.G and Expert consultation by Specialist Doctors.

The beneficiaries were also made aware about the problems related to Cardiac Illness. Specialist Doctor demonstrated life saving Technique “Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation” (C.P.R.) which was one of the major highlight of the event.


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