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“Patient Experience Meet – Swasthya Sarthi Event” on 01st June 2024

Swasthya Sarthi – Interactive Patient Experience Meet


On June 1st, Sunshine Global Hospital in Surat proudly hosted "Swasthya Sarthi," a unique patient experience meet designed to foster meaningful interactions between doctors and patients. This special event aimed to create a platform where patients could share their health journeys and experiences, while healthcare professionals could offer insights and support.

Event Highlights:

Interactive Sessions: Patients and doctors engaged in open dialogues, discussing various health issues, treatment experiences, and recovery stories.

Journey Sharing: Patients shared their personal health journeys, highlighting challenges and triumphs. These narratives provided inspiration and hope to others.

Healthcare Insights: Doctors offered valuable medical advice, discussed advancements in treatment options, and addressed patient concerns directly.

Community Building: The event strengthened the bond between the hospital and the community, emphasizing the importance of empathetic and patient-centered care.


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